Hello world! You have reached my website.

I am a PhD candidate studying Physics. I love technology, photography, music, and my family. More details about me will be here as I expand and develop this site.

About my Career

I am a graduate student at the University of Notre Dame doing research in Astrophysics. I try to understanding Type Ia supernovae and use them to understand the dynamics and age of the universe with my advisor Peter Garnavich. More details can be found on my professional page, including a copy of my CV.

About this Site

This is a static site built with Jekyll and hosted on Github Pages. These are great free resources. And if you are looking at trying to put a small bit of content on the web and have tamed the terminal then I would highly recommend this system. My word of warning is to start out simple. Your content is just in markdown files so it is easy to change the design and layout later.

Because I do this in my spare time as a hobby I use affiliate links for Amazon to help offset the opportunity costs. I would also not turn down any gifts given purely because of your generosity, but please shoot me an email as well so I know it was not sent by accident. Note that there are currently no financial costs associated with running this website1.

  1. Thanks Github for the hosting!